Friday, October 22, 2010

Christmas Circles

Before I get going on projects with my new paper I thought I'd show you some of the other paper things I've been working on.  A few weekends ago I started work on Christmas cards.  This year I wanted to get away from my standard stamped-image-on-square-on-coloured-square-on-card style so I started by punching out circles in two sizes.  Most of this paper is scrapbooking paper but there is also some used gift wrap in there.

After doing all the punching I felt I had to organize things.

And then I got down to glueing.  These are some of the designs I came up with.

How about you, are you a start Christmas early person or a wait a minute, Halloween isn't even over yet type?  As you have probably guessed I fall in the first category!


  1. Laura, these are awesome!! Especially the one on the bottom left in the second to last photo. Gorgeous!

    I probably fall into the first category too, but only because I find Christmas to be utterly overwhelming. So I have to break it down into small doses of holiday joy. I have already stashed a bunch of stocking stuffers all over the house where curious little fingers won't find them.

    But I have to say, your lovely cards are making me smile today! :)

  2. Love those cards with the circles. Amazing how a simple shape can be so effective.

  3. I'm a definitely a 'start Christmas early' person... I started work on Christmas gifts back in February - eek!

  4. oooh, very nice. You could also do a cute faux garland swag pattern with these little circles. I love circles.
    Oh, and I totally wait till the last minute. I bake shortbread, like two days before Christmas. And I put off buying the tree till all they have left is the sad Charlie Brown ones. Procrastination...

  5. A "cute faux garland swag pattern" sounds so amazing... but what exactly is it? Can you explain so I can try? :)

  6. Love these cards! So chic and simple.