Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little Sewing

My latest sewing project has been these little "taggies" blankets for some moms-to-be at work.  I wanted to make them a little something and these were simple and fun.  The little "tags" all came from my ribbon drawer (I did think of buying some ribbon but clearly that was unnecessary!).  For the front of the blanket I made a little quilt square with cotton prints.  The back is striped flannel.  Next time I think I'll do flannel on both sides - it's so soft and without the quilt bit they'll be so much faster to sew, making them easier for those last minute gifts!

(On an unrelated note does anyone know why I have both "fabric" and "sew" as labels for my posts?  When did I use one and not the other?)


  1. Love this! So cute! Perfect for curious, little hands.

  2. I love this idea too. I'm thinking of sewing together some receiving blankets to make a bigger blankie when the kiddos get older (and bigger) and the ribbon-tag idea just makes it more fun and interesting! (It makes sense to me to tag this post with fabric and sew--not sure what you are thinking, but let me know!)

  3. I guess it seems redundant to list sew and fabric as tags as I can't imagine what post would involve one without the other!