Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Projects

I needed some stationery this weekend so I got out the watercolours and did a simple line around the page.  I love it!  It was fun to play with different colours and combinations.  I did these on art paper which was very nice to work with but makes a rather thick package to fold into an envelope!  Next time I will write a shorter letter or use computer paper.

While I had the watercolours out I painted this quote, one of my favourites.

Since the Fiddlehead Mittens are finished I needed a new knitting project (great for in front of the TV).  I cast on for a scarf.  Four times.  Yes, four.  Trying to remember rib, trying out a slip stitch edge and figuring out the number of stitches I wanted.  But now I think I'm set and it shouldn't require too much thought.

Happy Monday everyone!  Check back later this week for a new tutorial.

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  1. Love the quote and I love that you just get out your watercolors and produce something! I haven't had mine out in--maybe years. I haven't gotten into knitting yet. I tried as a girl, but never kept up with it and then once after college I had my mom show me how to make a scarf and I think she couldn't stand to watch how slow I was so she ended up finishing it while we sat and talked! But, I would definitely like to get into it someday. I like things I can do while watching tv too!