Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Craft Show!

If you're wondering how my first craft show went - this picture says it all:

OK, not really.  But it was rather slow so I had time to fold all these stars while I was not talking to customers or friends who came by.  Huge thankyou to Maria who suggested I bring a craft to work on during the day!  As someone who rarely sits and does nothing (even when watching TV I'm usually knitting or something) having stars to fold made my day much better!

Even though there wasn't much traffic (or many sales) I had a good day.  It was exciting to be selling at my first craft show and I was thrilled with every sale.  This is how my table looked (note: the hats behind me are part of the booth next to mine!)

The display ended up being the mirror image of how I'd done it at home because I realized after getting all the table cloths in place I wanted the deeper one on the side with the box/riser and it seemed easier to set the display up reverse rather then move all the table cloths around.

These next pictures give a closer-up look at how the table was set up (comments & suggestions welcome!):

I'm so glad I did my first show close to home - for many reasons:
  • You don't have far to go so you don't need to wake up extra early!
  • You don't have far to go so it doesn't cost much to get there.
  • A lot of friends I invited were able to stop by as it's close to their homes too!
  • People I know but didn't invite came by - nice to chat to those I hadn't seen in a while.
Thanks again to everyone who came by yesterday - I really appreciated the support!

Now that I've done a craft show and realize I like it I'm excited to do more!  One of the great things about doing a show is talking to people, including other vendors who give tips of good shows to do!  I'm looking into a few options right now, hopefully I can find another show (or two or three!) in the next few months.

And maybe I can return to non-craft show related posts here!  I have a bunch of fabric waiting to become garments that I should really get at...


  1. Hey, Laura, Congratulations on your first craft show! They can be a bit iffy, though they can also be a lot of fun! It is nice to have them nearby - I think the further away from home we went, the more pressure I felt to sell.
    Best wishes!!!

  2. Your table looked great and I really like your idea of the flag - signs. How cute! Good points about staying close to home and bringing something to do while hanging out. I will keep that in mind if ever I do a show.

  3. Congratulations! I love the cake sand and the bunting!!

  4. Hi Laura - well done on first show - a very nerve racking experience!! Your table looked lovely. H xx

  5. Sounds like it all went smoothely. You seemed to be extremely well-organized and your table looked great. I've never done a craft show so I don't have any advice but with this first one under your belt, it's sure to get easier and easier!

  6. Your set-up looks beautiful! Congratulations on your first craft show. It's gotta be the hardest one.