Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Challenge

So you may have noticed I like challenges.  And deadlines.  Something to motivate me to do things and finish them.  I recently wrote about my self-imposed Chiyogami Challenge (two projects done, posts pending photos due to crappy weather today).

This weekend I joined another challenge - the 99/100 challenge hosted by Elizabeth over at *my crafty mess*.

Did I mention it's not craft related?  This challenge is to run 100 miles in 99 days.  Specifically the days between Memorial Day & Labour Day.  Which is a little interesting since I'm Canadian so don't observe Memorial Day or measure in miles but 100 in 99 sounds kinda impressive, don't you think?  Would you like to give the 99/100 challenge a try?  Any mileage counts: rollerblades, bikes, swimming (OK, that would be a super challenge!), walking, etc.  Great motivation to get active this summer!

I'll post a few updates on how it's going, maybe every week or two as I don't think anyone is coming here to read a list of run kilometers/miles completed!

See you tomorrow with some paper projects.


  1. I will informally join--unless I can get it together and formally join! I've been trying to run 2.25 miles several times a week. I'll need to go back and do some math, but it seems like I'm in good standing so far. Do you run, bike, swim?

  2. Hooray! I can't wait to see your miles and how you like it! Happy running!