Monday, June 20, 2011

99/100 Update

Three weeks in to the 99/100 challenge I've run 20 miles - a fifth of the total!  My last 3-ish miles happened last weekend during a triathlon.  I started triathloning a year and half ago & absolutely love it! And since I have pictures I'm going to add them.

Here we are heading out for the swim (I'm in the pink cap group).

And part-way out on the course.

Me heading out to the bike.  I just realized how co-ordinated my outfit/bike are! Nice!

80 more to go!


  1. Wonderful! You're doing an awesome job! And all that biking and swimming on top of it! You are rocking this challenge!

  2. You're angel ! So fit and smart !.
    I've problem in comment posting when selecting google profile. Only "Anonymous" works. This is me Terrie ~.~.

  3. Hi Laura! I was visiting the other 99/100 Challenge participants and see you're into triathlon, too. I'm doing my 2nd Tri next weekend (a sprint). So cool to see another lover of multi-sport. Hope you did well last week!
    - Jill

  4. Wow! A triathlete too! That's awesome. Congratulations! Maybe someday for me...I'll consult you for advice if I ever enter one!

  5. Way live actively, Laura! Really inspiring.