Sunday, July 22, 2012

England Experiences - Number 3 - Woolfest

When I was looking around on the Internet planning our trip I was overjoyed to find out we'd be in the right area at the right time for Woolfest!  Happily it turned out to be just as wonderful as I'd hoped.

The two day festival was held at a local agricultural centre.  In case you missed the signs pointing the way you could also follow this big sheep!

Some of these guys came inside 

It was really interesting to see the different breeds up close.

There were quite a few live animal displays as well as loads of vendors selling everything wool related: fleeces, rovings, yarn, felting kits, knitting needles, spinning wheels, felt, etc. etc.  I believe there were also sheep auctions going on but I'd have hard time packing one in my suitcase (not to mention customs!) so I stayed clear of that!

The rooms were decorated with wool bunting (what else?) and I participated in a small way by bringing in a knitted triangle to add to the bunting effort.

While I didn't exactly do as this sign suggests I did bring home my share of wool goodies.

I focused on buying local (or at least British) yarn I can't get here in Canada and was very successful! These three are from different types of sheep: Blue Faced Leister, Swaledale and Herdwick and are undyed.  Very cool!  I really like the Herdwick yarn as that type of sheep is really particular to the Lake District.

This was my splurge purchase!

A kit to make Kate Davies Rams & Yowes blanket.  The yarn is all undyed Shetland - isn't that amazing!  There should be enough yarn for a hat as well as the blanket.  I think this will be next winter's project.

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  1. Hi Laura
    I love everything about England! Just watched a few episodes of the Forsyte Saga on Netflix(Free for a month) My family teases me and says that I only watch shows with English actors. Sounds like you had a great time on your trip-welcome back!
    PS Have you seen William and Mary on PBS?