Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Party!

You might say I'm a bit of an Olympic junkie.  You might say the same about some of my friends.  For the Opening Ceremonies we got together and joined our Olympic junkie-ness together!  I decorated with rings and a flag.

There was lots of Olympic themed food:

Cupcakes with coloured sprinkles and chocolate rings.

Watermelon cut in maple leaves. And lots of other goodies that had a sports or Olympic theme.

We munched away while we watched the Opening Ceremonies and played Opening Ceremonies bingo.  I made up cards with things I thought we'd see during the broadcast.  I was so happy with how that turned out! Everyone was really excited to play - we had to make a very official start to the game to prevent people starting while others were in the other room getting snacks!  It took about 20 minutes for the first person to win (about 15 minutes longer then I thought it would take!) and we saw all but two of the things I had put on the cards.  Everyone had a prize by the end of the night - I picked up some little Olympic items while I was in England just for this. Since it was such a success I took notes for ideas of things to put on the bingo cards for Sochi 2014!

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  1. Hi Laura, Love your idea of the piped chocolate Olympic rings on the cupcakes. So glad you tried jam making-was your kitchen a sticky mess like mine? I would love to try raspberry too.