Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jam Making

It's been on the to do list for years! This weekend I finally tried jam making with a friend.

We began with a lemon-lavendar infusion.

Got those jars sterilized.

Made a mess of a pot.

Got the sticky mess into jars and all sealed up.

Result? Delicious jam.  Yum!  We have room for improvement though, the recipe we were working with doesn't call for pectin so finding the "setting point" is a skill we have yet to hone.  We were supposed to have 10 cups of jam but ended up with 5.  I was the one who kept saying "I don't think it's ready yet," so I take complete blame for that!  On the upside all our jars sealed so we've got that bit down.  And the jam is still spreadable (just), we were worried it might turn out like a huge candy!

While we waited for the jam to set we made peach muffins which turned out perfectly - I'm much more comfortable baking then canning!

There are several more recipes we want to try - our go to book is We Sure Can.  I love it because it explains a lot about safety and process, as well as including recipes (by season!).  As an added bonus it's Canadian. Next up I think we're trying raspberry jam with pectin (we're up for a no-fail experience)!

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