Saturday, January 1, 2011

Crafty Goals

Last January I posted my crafty goals for the year, let's see how well I did.

Last year's goals:
  • Make the maple leaf scarves for which I needed the red fleece.  Done!
  • Sew a pin cushion for my fancy new pins from Lupin.
  • Try spinning with my drop spindle (which is carried over from the 2007 list!)
  • Knit the mitts from the kit I got at the Knitter's Fair.
  • Knit myself a scarf with "mint-chocolate" yarn, also from the Knitter's Fair. Tried but decided this yarn is not right for the scarf I had pictured.  Going to do leg warmers instead (I think).
  • Scrapbook the photos from my trip to England.
  • Experiment with paper garlands.  Meant to do more then 1 but I'll count it as done.
  • Dye yarn & unspun wool (for felting/spinning.)
  • Make a brooch, something felted I think, to wear on my new sweater (because the Christmas tree one isn't going to cut it anymore!)  Done!
  • Try out LiEr's katybag pattern.
Hmmm... I completed 3 out of 10 projects and started 2 (the ones that are half crossed out).

Elise has been posting a lot about goals recently.  I really liked her On Motivation post.  It has a lot of good ideas, like taking things off your to do list and setting dates for your goals.  I highly recommend you go read it!

With that in mind here are my crafty goals for 2011:
  • Finish my fiddlehead mittens (kit purchased at the Knitter's Fair in 2009.  Outside of mitts done, just have the lining left).
  • Finish my England scrapbook.
  • Learn how to use my new sewing machine. I have 4 lessons lined up which should help a lot!
  • Work on knitting up the yarn in my stash.
  • Work on sewing through the (large pieces of) fabric (destined to be garments) in my stash.
And that's it for right now.  I know there will be a lot more craft projects that I discover through the year but I'll stick with those five goals for now.

How about you - do you have any projects or goals in mind for 2011?

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  1. Great idea to post last year's goals and this year's too. I think I am getting some inspiration here :-)