Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kirigami Challenge - Week 3

Yesterday's holiday (Family Day) had me a bit mixed up so I'm a day late with my week 3 post.  I did a lot of star shapes this week, once one turned out well I figured why mess with a good thing!

Day 14:
Lots of angles and lines.  A little discoloured from the iron when I flattened it.  Oops.

Day 15:
Pretty much a variation on the first one, with less open space in the middle.

Day 16:
Tried cutting out shapes, like paper snowflakes I did as a kid.

Day 17:
Wasn't really planning on this turning out to be square!  Looks nice though, see how those hearts keep appearing?

Day 18:
Busy day so I took this design from my book. I love the thick and thin lines and the two overlapping shapes!

Day 19:

Sort of a flower?  I was aiming for circles!

Day 20:
Raindrops.  Because we had some warm weather!

I've been having fun cutting away but I will admit I won't be sorry to see this daily challenge end!

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  1. So beautiful.DO hop over to my blog when you have time
    Dr Sonia S V