Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chiyogami Challenge

When I was out this weekend I picked up this little package of paper.  Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for anything tiny?

And the marketing is good too - you don't want to be stranded without some chiyogami! LOL

Coming from the Japanese Paper Place I knew there would be beautiful paper inside (plus I undid the package and had a peek in the store... shhh) - and there was!

So I have now challenged myself to come up with 24 different projects to use these tiny pieces of paper.  No deadlines, just 24 beautiful projects to accomplish when I feel like paper crafting!


  1. I found you through send more mail! I adore your blog and etsy shop!!! I have some birthday burning a whole in my pocket and i think i need some rainbow cards!!

  2. i was just in toronto this weekend and went to the japanese paper place! that place is AMAZING!! i could live in there!
    good luck with your summer challenges, i love all the ideas. =)