Sunday, July 15, 2012

England Experiences - Number 1 - Tea

I haven't mentioned here that I was in England for 3 weeks!  It was a great trip with my mum & my sister.  We have all been before and went back to visit some favourite places as well as discover some new ones.  Now that I've had a week to catch up with life at home there's time to blog and share some of my England experiences with you!

One of the quintessential English things is having tea.  Tea at breakfast, tea in the afternoon, tea in the evening, at the hotel, at restaurants, with friends.  As a non coffee drinker I love that hotel rooms provide a tea kettle rather than a coffee maker!  Adding some biscuits, scones or another treat makes tea even sweeter.  I'm not sure how many cups of tea we drank over 21 days but we enjoyed every one.

This picture sums up how we ended a lot of nights.  Tea in our hotel room supplemented with a selection of biscuits from Marks & Spencer.

In Bath we had tea at the Pump Room as people have been doing since the 1700s.  In London we had tea at Buckingham Palace!  Not, alas, an official garden tea party with the Queen in attendance, but out of a paper cup in the cafe set up in the garden after touring the State Rooms.

I ended up blending in with the decor very well!

At the end of the trip we bought some tea to bring home with us so we can continue to enjoy!  I think scone making should be in the near future too!


  1. Your England trip sounds leisure with tea. Love the blue color of coaster, paper cup and your top. Iwas also in England in June. Very good weather and the long day light was perfect. Hope to read some more of your trip there.

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