Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Lapbook/Scrapbook

Do you remember a WIP picture with a whole lot of trims and a bit of fabric showing? After a trip to the scrapbooking store to buy more trim (I didn't have enough... really!) and finding out they didn't carry the trim I had planned to use and moving to Plan B I've completed this project - a lapbook/scrapbook of last summer's vacation. I first saw the idea for a lapbook in Scrapbook and Cards Today and used it as a starting point for this one. I changed the size of the book (I used a full 12x12 size) and covered it in fabric (instead of paper, which, if you are thinking of trying one, would have been waaaaay easier). I was going to make a tutorial as I was creating but got a little frustrated (and a little unsure it would actually work) and stopped taking pictures. If you are interested making one Scrapbook and Cards Today has a very good article for you to follow!

And now for the good part - the pictures!

The finished lapbook closed...

...and open.

A lot of pictures flip open to incorporate more underneath.

A stand alone book was also a great way to fit more pictures in.

I really like the inside - all the hidden bits yet being able to see a lot at a glance. A wonderful way to remember a trip!

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  1. I really like this idea for scrapbooking--will have to add it to my list. Just need to have a topic and get the pictures printed!