Saturday, August 22, 2009

Non-pattern skirt

My first attempt at creating clothes without a pattern! Sort of. I have a skirt similar to this one and since it's comfy and seemed pretty easy to make (two partial circles for the main skirt and a rectangle for the waistband) I thought I would try to make one myself. So I did have a model and definitely had the skirt lying out while I ran around with a measuring tape and wished I had a compass that could measure out 40 inches! The one thing I wanted to change from the original skirt was to make it more of a circle, making the hem longer/bigger so that there would be enough material for me to sit cross-legged and still be modest! Mission accomplished. And I didn't cut off any crucial bits while serging! Even better! And the price - less then $2 for the 1.5 meters of fabric it took! I think I may want to embellish it a bit, maybe freezer paper stencilling? I couldn't decide what design to put on (sailboat? heart? flowers?) so wore it as is, decorating will have to come later.

Would I make it again? Yes (and saved the pattern I created just in case), but with some adjustments. Like making the waistband more snug or adding elastic (you never know when toddlers will want to tug at your clothes!) and shorts underneath (you can sit cross-legged but getting there requires some clothing adjustments!).

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  1. Very cool, Laura! And hurrah for doing it pattern-free ans THEN saving the new pattern after! Thanks so much for inviting me to come see!