Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weekend Crafting

Yes, it's now Wednesday and I'm just getting my weekend events blogged! In fairness, it was a long weekend here in Canada so my week only *started* yesterday... hmmmm... the rationalizations of a procrastinator!

First off, I wanted to sew something. Spent some time mulling over my fabric stash and imagining what to do with all that lovely fabric! (Do you notice a definite colour preference?)

I chose to use this canvas with elephants marching across it as well as some plain canvas and a bit of twill tape.

After some cutting, measuring, pinning and sewing.

I ended up with this little basket!

Perfect for keeping my current WIP in.

And I can fold up the handles and take it with me.

Very satisfying to finish a project the same day it was started! And lovely to sew by an open window with the breeze blowing in.

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