Monday, February 14, 2011

Kirigami Challenge - Week 2

Ready for week 2 of my kirigami challenge?  Here we go!

Day 7:
My attempts at being abstract in roundish & angular ways.

Day 8:
A small cut out copied from the booklet (busy day!)

Day 9:
This one turned out better then I thought it would before unfolding it.  I like how the symmetrical-ness is really apparent.

Day 10:
Something that was meant to be sailboats but turned out like a flower.

Day 11:
Random cut-outs.  Reminds me of playing cards.

Day 12:
Something maple leaf-ish to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Olympic games opening in Vancouver.

Day 13:
Pine trees.  This is my favourite one so far.  Have to stash this idea away for next Christmas - cards perhaps?


  1. They look so cool! I used to do scherenschnidt or whatever the spelling is, but yours are way cooler than anything I made! They really have that Japanese structure and feel to them which is so effective and evocative of good design! I love the Xmas tree one too!

  2. I think folding the paper before you cut really helps add nice structure to whatever gets cut after - even if it's not brilliant!